The Code of Ethics is an initiative by the business community of Kenya to promote and enhance the ethics of business conduct in Kenya in line with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact in the areas of Human Rights, Labour Standards, Environment and Anti-corruption.

It applies to private companies who expect their business partners likewise to adhere to it. It does not replace, but complements , individual company code of ethics



Title Type Sector Date Joined
InfoFlow (Pty) Ltd Company Technology 23 Jan 2023
Linda Githige Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Media 20 Jan 2023
Hydrobox Kenya Limited Company Other 20 Jan 2023
Abacus Cambridge Partners Limited Company Technology 12 Oct 2022
Vintz Plastics Limited Company Construction & Materials 04 Aug 2022
Collection Africa Limited Company Financial Services 04 Aug 2022
Kenya Bixa Limited Company Industrial Goods & Services 01 Aug 2022
Frontier Optical Networks limited Company Technology 01 Aug 2022
Quza House Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Other 28 Jul 2022
Kimosa Kenya Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Other 28 Jul 2022