25 Oct 2023

Global Compact Network Kenya Chairperson Martin Ochien’g has urged companies in Kenya to embrace partnerships as means to amplify and scale sustainability efforts for enhanced impact. 

He made these remarks at the launch of Absa Kenya's 2022 sustainability report, titled "Creating Shared Value for Growth”. This aligns with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17, which emphasizes the importance of partnerships in delivering the goals by 2030. SDG 17 seeks to enhance the means of implementation and revitalize global partnerships for sustainable development.

Mr. Ochien’g, also the Group Managing Director of Sasini PLC noted that no company can address sustainability challenges on its own. Collaboration and partnerships with other organizations, stakeholders, and financial institutions are essential for making significant progress in sustainability efforts. 
He also encouraged the sharing of sustainability impact by companies noting it not only demonstrates their commitment to responsible business practices but also inspires and encourages other organizations to take similar actions.

Absa CEO Abdi Mohammed, also a Board member of the Global Compact Network Kenya acknowledged the significant responsibility Absa and other players have in encouraging industries and economies to adopt more sustainable practices such as energy efficiency, climate-smart agriculture, renewable energy, and green building.
“We are confident that we will continue to deliver on our sustainability commitments, particularly because we have built strong partnerships with both the public and private sectors, as well as developmental partners.” He said. 

Speaking at the same event, Global Compact Network Kenya Executive Director Judy Njino challenged companies to emulate Absa and enhance transparency and accountability for their sustainability performance.
“Where climate action is concerned, it is especially critical that we align our efforts with targets that are credible, meaningful, and transformative”. She said.

Ms. Njino disclosed that Global Compact Network Kenya is supporting companies with tools and technical support to translate sustainability commitments into action and invited companies to plug in.

Click here to access Absa Kenya's 2022 sustainability report.  

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