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 Since July 2013, the Global Compact Network Kenya (GCNK) and Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) in collaboration with Danish Industries (DI) have been supporting the Salt sub-sector under KAM’s membership to enhance their ethical conduct and improve their stakeholder relations. The Project specifically aims to:

  • Improve dialogue between companies and communities.
  • Improve practical cooperation between companies and communities on challenging issues.
  • Obtain knowledge and develop organizational capacity on how community - company conflicts can be resolved.

Through facilitated dialogue with host communities and local area leadership, the project has contributed to:

  • Enhanced Dialogue between the companies and the communities
  • Formation of a multi-stakeholder working group that is tasked with identifying remedial actions for the key challenges facing the sector
  • Improved grievance handling between the companies and the host communities
  • Participatory implementation of community social investment projects
  • Enhanced capacities of the Salt sector to understand and integrate Responsible business practices